A GMP-ready, cost-effective root-based platform to secrete complex glycosylated recombinant proteins
A pipeline available for partnering and out-licensing


The technology uses genetically stable root material generated from edible GRAS plants in an endotoxins / human pathogens free environment.

The platform has been already extensively concept-proven within academic, Root Lines Technology’s internal R&D programs and through industrial studies.

Root Lines Technology benefits from its proprietary fully-contained system to secrete, in bioreactors, complex glycosylated recombinant proteins ranging from recombinant enzymes to therapeutic targets and vaccine antigens.

The expression system makes it possible to produce fully active recombinant proteins that can represent up to 70% of the total secreted protein in the culture medium (water, sugar, minerals).

Team and expertise


Marina Guillet, PhD - Chief Executive Officer
15-years experience in the biotechnology sector as CEO-founder, CSO, Head of laboratory

Joséphine Hicter – Corporate development

5-years experience in financial analysis, company business planing, set-up of an investment fund


Florian Cardon, Head of operations
Graduated from the UTC Compiègne and Amiens’ IAE;
> 5 years experience in the development of recombinant proteins using various systems among which an alternative plant-based system of expression and development of bioprocesses